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‘Tis the season for winter driving!…Don’t wait until the last minute to change your oil or check your battery. When it comes to preparing for winter driving, be proactive! Don’t wait until it’s too late.. Here is a helpful “Do It Yourself” checklist of things that should be looked at before going into the winter season…

  1. Check your lights (Headlights, Brake Lights, Running Lights and Turn Signal Lights)……..
  2. Check your tire pressures (to make sure that your car handles the way it is designed to)
  3. Check your tire tread depth (the penny trick – place Lincoln head-first into your tire tread. If you can see all of Honest Abe’s face then it’s time to come see Classic Honda and shop for tires)
  4. Check your wipers – if they are streaking time to replace them. Use Genuine Honda wipers so you can replace just the wiper insert that wears out.
  5. Change your oil. Winter season is a great time to get that oil change done at home before you hit the road.
  6. Check all vital fluids – Brake Fluid; Transmission Fluid; Coolant; Power Steering Fluid; Engine Oil (Be sure to top off using Genuine Honda Fluids!)
  7. Take one last look over the car for areas that need touch up paint to protect your Honda’s paint surface.
  8. Check your battery and the connections to it for corrosion. The last thing that you want to have happen is your car will not start when you need it.
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