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Buying a vehicle is considered by some to be the second largest purchase of a lifetime. At Classic Honda our Business and Finance Office can help make the choices that come along with buying easy for you. Why not be informed in advance of some ways to protect your investment?


We truly believe that all of our customers will save money and have peace of mind with a Vehicle Service Contract, in the event of a mechanical breakdown for any type of vehicle. Many of our customers have been able to file a claim and avoid an unexpected costly repair out of pocket. The labor and parts are covered with our Plans as well as roadside assistance to make unplanned delays easier to handle.

Transferable and extendable at the end of your term, the Service Contract is fast becoming a driver’s necessity.

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We are proud to offer Interior and Exterior Protection to our customers. We have two amazing options to protect your vehicle, rather you purchase a new or used, we have the plan for you. This long-lasting special adhesion will protect the paint of your vehicle against natural elements such as bird droppings, tree sap, hard water etching, bugs and insects.

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Where the rubber meets the road, we’ve got you covered. According to AAA, pothole damage costs drivers $3 billion per year. We want to make sure your tires and wheels are protected, both from road hazards and accidental damage. For just pennies a day, have the peace of mind that comes with Tire & Wheel Protection. Coverage includes repair or replacements for the life of your policy when an incident does occur.

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Technology is a wonderful thing! Most vehicles today are operated with computer programmed keys that have special codes perfectly matched to the codes located in your ignition. However, because of this, and attempts by the manufacturer to keep the vehicle’s keys theft proof, replacing a lost or stolen key can be extremely expensive—not to mention time consuming! It could cost anywhere from $100-$800 per key. But with Key Replacement Protection, we will pay for a replacement key remote should yours be lost, stolen, or destroyed.

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You have enough to worry about in life. Worrying about the possibility of your car being stolen or a total loss shouldn’t be one of your concerns. With GAP coverage, the difference between the loan balance and your insurance settlement will be covered. Without GAP coverage, you will be responsible for this difference, adding an additional financial burden during an already challenging time.

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Leasing your vehicle should be a carefree, enjoyable experience. However, both normal and unexpected vehicle wear such as interior stains, tire wear, chips, dents and dings can be a burden when you turn in your vehicle at lease end. Protect yourself from unexpected expenses with a Lease-End Protection product. Relax and enjoy your new car knowing you’re protected against the everyday wear and use of driving, while minimizing out-of-pocket costs at lease end.

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Vehicle maintenance is a regular part of any car owner’s experience. But why consider Classic Advantage’s Pre-Paid Maintenance? Here’re four reasons: For busy people, a pre-paid maintenance plan is one less thing to worry about. Gone are the days of performing maintenance on your own vehicle. By factoring in the costs of maintenance upfront, it becomes a much more convenient way to budget for them—not only are you budgeting for tomorrow’s maintenance, you are locking in discounted pricing as well. In order to maintain warranties on most vehicles, you must follow the manufacturer’s servicing guidelines.

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